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wombosi 09-21-2008 05:41 PM

mahogany t&g porch floor, trim, stairs questions
sorry to start a new threat, but the old one is, well, old, and i wasn't sure i'd get any replies.

so: getting ready to lay a new mahog. floor down on my porch which has a roof over it. i'm using 5/4X 4 tongue and groove.

the question is. when i go to put the stairs back in, should i change the treads to mahogany so that they match? if so, what do i buy? just a 5/4 slab of mahog, non t&g?

would i want one full tread, or two pieces with a little gap in the middle for better drainage?

now that i've gone and done the mahog, should my trim boards around the lattice also be mahogany? fir? something else that might look close to mahogany?

finally, any recommendations for making my own lattice?

i want it to be 1/2" like the old stuff i took off.
at first i was thinking cedar, but given the price, maybe fir? keep it natural, just oil it or something? get a piece of 5/4, rip it in half edgewise, then just rip 1/2" strips?

thanks to all!

buletbob 09-21-2008 09:13 PM

You could consider the 5/4 X 4 straight edge. with an 1/8" gap. the full board will cost a lot more,
When i make my lattice I rip clear cedar 3/8" thick by what ever I am matching. we use a lot of the koma board product for our trim because of the close location of the ground. Snow and water splash. the mahogany and the white koma board highlights the darker wood,
just my suggestion, BOB

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