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load bearing wall question

Hello everyone! My house has a gambrel style roof (barn shape in center top when you're in the street looking at it). In this part of the house area, the gambrel roof is the 2nd floor ceiling, no attic above.

Underneath same area is the 1st floor, 90" ceilings throughout. Also looking from street, the upstairs is 24 feet side to side, and 40 feet deep (or front to back).

So, I have a slab foundation and I found (mostly past) termite damage on an interior wall of my house. This particular wall is on the FIRST floor; It is a foyer wall 6-7 feet inside the house-centered front door. Wall faces you when you walk in.

Its span is 100" and it runs parallel to the above floor joists. It has a triple top plate. One of the above joists runs directly along on the top of this wall. It is a double joist.

Some other background:
The upstairs of my house was originally a stand-up attic. Now it's finished, and the prior owners moved the stairs from the foyer (in front of) the damaged wall to behind it.
The same wall touches a definite bearing wall- that 2nd wall (to the right of foyer) makes the top of a "T" if looked at from above and crosses the floor joists.
The double joists are in the old and new stairwells. Maybe they serve structural integrity to the first floor parts that are not under the upstairs, such as the garage roof peak.

So- is this damaged wall load bearing? I don't want to remove it, but I DO want to take proper safety measures and rebuild it correctly.


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Just to be on the safe side, assume that it is. Build temp supports for everything before proceeding with the repair. It is cheap insurance.


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A load bearing wall is easy to identify if you know the way the house was studded. If you know the way the beams run, load bearing walls are typically perpendicular to the beams on the interior (outside walls are almost always load bearing). In addition, load bearing walls are typically at the ends of the beams and where beams join. Beams only come so long, so you wil typically have a load bearing wall where beams overlap. Load bearing walls almost always have no slack, where sometimes an interior wall that is not load bearing will have some slack. This is not always the case, but can help to identify.

Load bearing structures can also be steel as well as composite wood. For instance in many garages, there is a support beam rather than a load bearing wall.

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Load bearing walls on a first floor would most likely pick up the end of the joists and or beams.. BUT, he has stated the wall has a flush header on it. This could mean there is a point load above the floor bearing on the header and into the wall.

Does this wall line up with a wall on the second floor?
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