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kozyb 02-19-2010 08:57 PM

To resand the cabinets?
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I am in the process of the redoing kitchen cabinets...I had the old varnished cabinets from the 80's...I think we've butched a couple cabinets with too hard sandpaper on the handsander and not enough on other cabinets. The cabinets that we've used varnish remover and stripped down, sanded with the sander using 220 grit and stained dark espresso do not seem to take the stain as well as the cabinets hit with the harder paper...The shinier cabinets that have not soaked the stain in as well I'm thinking don't have enough of the bare wood exposed and I'm debating resanding with 150...thoughts?:eek:

jlhaslip 02-19-2010 09:06 PM

It is difficult to sand and re-stain wood cabinet doors and achieve a uniform or consistent finish.
I would consider painting them.

kozyb 02-19-2010 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by jlhaslip (Post 402933)
It is difficult to sand and re-stain wood cabinet doors and achieve a uniform or consistent finish.
I would consider painting them.

Yikes! :no: Don't think I can do that now!! It's a chore but it's such an amazing difference and we're definitely ready for the challenge! The picture I attached of the cabinet doors side by side shows the cabinet in front that was sanded more than the larger cabinet in the back....the shiner one I think we should resand but I'm afraid b/c we've already stained it! Haven't put the polyurethane on them yet

Dairylander 02-20-2010 04:05 AM

It's hard to tell because of the camera flash, but I think they look good.
Try photographing them in bright indirect light with the flash turned off.
You can re-sand and re-stain if it really bothers you, but they'll never have the factory finish that you seem intent on.
You seem most bothered by the difference in shine between the different doors, but this will be most affected by the finish of the poly, which will help make them more uniform.
I think you're doing well, don't get too anal retentive about it.
When they're all hung, you won't be comparing each door to one another so carefully, they'll take on a general overall appearance.
That's a vintage door style, so they should have some character.
Keep going, you're doing well.

Dairylander 02-20-2010 04:06 AM

And don't forget to post an "after" picture when you're all finished!

kozyb 02-20-2010 08:47 AM

Thank you soooo much!!

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