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Firefighter3244 04-30-2013 07:37 PM

Issue! Do I install Chair Rail at same height as hallway rail?
So the main point and focus is that we are cleaning up the house to sell
and move up. :)

So, Living room is almost complete and I started on the dining room today.
After plaster, sanding and paint I went to Lowes (Only thing close) and
picked up some Chair Rail so I can create some wainscoting.

There is only one halfway (of 2) that has wainscoting and I measured and its
installed at 38" at top! :eek:
6" baseboards..... Crown Molding.

It's not THAT bad because I have 9ft ceilings. However, I know the "standard"
is 34"-36" even though it's actually suppose to be 1/4 of the wall height....

I was thinking 34. But, I don't want it to be way off from the hallway (which isn't connected to the dining room) so I was thinking I should raise it to 36"
so that it isn't that far off... 38 is way too high... I guess until I researched chairrail history i didn't realize how low it was actually suppose to be.

Anyway, Main point,
Home built in 1938, Hallway rail is 38" top, I don't want to do that...
How much lower can I go without it being an issue.... 36"? Seems high still....

Also for selling home!


Here is picture of the currently hallway, and the dining room.

Looking for possible help within an hr or two/three.
I know short notice, No biggie.
If not I'm just installing between 34-36.... :shrugs:

Also, they dont match but what is in the hallway seems really cheap...
Just the dining room chair rail itself cost me $30 a (12ft) section....



Dining room.... Chair Rail, Wainscoting, Painting to be done....

Chair Rail :thumbsup:

With paint, The top will be the red it is in the photo. ( But a new coat of Satin.... )
The bottom surrounding the pictureframes will be Tollbooth ( What's in the living room ) and then inside the frames will be red like the top...
I thought this would look nice and tie the dining room in with the living room that you can see to the left of the dining....

g1hrtr 04-30-2013 08:27 PM

That looks like Howe casing.

Firefighter3244 04-30-2013 08:47 PM

It is. Is that bad? lol,
It was next to the chair rail stuff and I just liked it more. :huh:

I plan on panting the flat part the same as the wall color. Blending it in like I did with the fireplace mantle....

g1hrtr 04-30-2013 09:17 PM

I don't think I've ever seen it used as chair rail or in wainscoting. They have a "Baby Howe" that is not as wide. If you insist on that profile, it would probably be a little more proportional.

Firefighter3244 04-30-2013 09:23 PM

Well, It's too late for that. I already bought it and cut it... :eek:

I guess we'll see how it looks.... :( I liked it as did my wife so
I'll know tonight once it's up, and I have to go back tomm for the
trim to create the picture frames.

I'm going with 36" with the height.

user1007 05-01-2013 08:28 AM

You should do what is going to look right visually here and you are confusing a couple of things.

Wainscoting can be any height but you want it to look substantial enough to visually support what is above it in a room---1/4, 1/3 or whatever. If it is too short and a much lighter color than the wall and crown on top of it, it looks like their is too much weight on top of it and whether you realize it or not, you are made to feel uncomfortable in a room like this. As if it would collapse or something.

Chair railing was popular to protect plaster walls from, of all things, the backs of chairs bashing gouges in it. It too looks weird if it is positioned with no relevance to chair backs in a room.

The final trim you see a lot in antique homes is picture frame trim around the top---separate or part of the crown installation. People didn't use to have access to modern picture frame hooks and things made for plaster walls so pictures were hung from clips that engaged the frame molding around the top and that had wires coming down to hold paintings. That is why there is that 1/2" gap between the ceiling and the molding. It provided space to move fit and move the clips along the trim.

Don't over think this. Just make it look right, sell the house, on move on to your next project.

Firefighter3244 05-02-2013 01:35 AM

Okay thanks.

Yeah, It took a good bit of work to get it to look right. Considering the walls aren't even, ( Plaster ) The floors aren't level to each wall, The walls aren't square etc made it a task....
Had I just did everything at x inches it would have looked horrible and way out of level etc.... Anyway, hope the colors work. The bottom is what the living room is...

Still have to paint and caulk the trim/chair rail... And start on the picture frame wainscotting.... Thinking about painting the intr of the frames red to match the top.... Good/bad?

It's averages 36" top of chair rail.... So it looks good imho. Not too high. Not too low.

Excuse the shadows, the light source is on the floor casting shadows....

I'm happy with it, Considering I've never done any of this before.... ( 1st home and in my early 20's )

I had to use trim screws with the adhesive on the back because of the waving of walls to keep it in place.

Bottom Primed and ready for paint

A close up of the corners.... (Ignore the shadows again...)

Still gotta paint the trim, chair rail and caulk and do the wainscoting picture frames but it looks pretty good I think.

Other half is the same...

nightriderrv 05-02-2013 06:25 AM

It looks good :thumbsup: I see why you went with the big rail, with all that big trim around the windows and doors and the baseboard very nice. It almost looks small but it's a good size ties in nice :thumbup:

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