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Installing steel entry door

I have a problem installing an entry door, I hope you can help.

These prehung entry doors I'm sure you are aware require a flat and level threshold before the door goes in.
But in the garage where I am installing the door, the wall is 3/4 of an inch out from top to bottom.
The top of the door leans toward to outside.
The door that is in there now is flush up against the drywall, they followed the lean of the wall.

It looks like they screwed the top of the door directly to the top plate, no gap on top.

Here is the dilema, if I start out building up a new threshold for the new door and make sure it is level from side to side and is level from inside to outside(no pitch to the outside), then I anticipate problems if I flush the door jamb up to the drywall.

If the door leans to the outside at the top then the bottom of the door will not sit flat on the pressure treated lumber I install for the bottom of door to sit on.

The bottom of the door will want to pitch down to the outside.
I'm assuming that the built-in threshold on these doors cannot bear weight by themselves and have to be completely supported beneath.

Does anyone have any advice they can give me.

Should I install my support for the bottom of the door at a right angle to the wall?
Place a square along the wall and pitch my bottom support for the door square to the wall(up and down)?


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Originally Posted by NoExperience View Post
Should I install my support for the bottom of the door at a right angle to the wall?
Ideally, a door should always be hung perfectly square and plumb, so that it will operate as designed and expected. If you don't do that, you can run into issues with it not sealing properly, swinging open or closed by itself and so forth.

In real life, it's a balance between operability and aesthetics. You can often get away with a bit less than perfect in order to save on a lot of creative fudging with the trim. As long as the wall sections on both sides of the doorway are true to each other, I'd install the door to match them, angling the threshold support as needed.


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The threshold that comes with the door should be supported along the entire length of it or you'll have problems when you step on it. Are you saying the studs on your rough opening are 3/4" out of plumb from inside to out? The last time I had one like that I split the difference and got creative with the trim. It looked good, worked well, and the customer paid me.

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