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TobyLLM 04-05-2008 04:09 PM

Installing a new exterior door.

New to the forum, I don't have a great amount of experience with carpentry, however I can usually turn my hand at most things. Hopefully this works out!!

I am looking at replacing an existing storm / steel door. The Storm door is a pre hung door which has it's own casing.. The steel door was not pre finished with a jamb, rather the door was installed seperate to the jamb..

1st question - So, here is what I need to figure out first. I want to replace the old hardware (Storm / steel door) with a new door entrance system.. If I remove the storm door and the steel door, and remove the existing jamb, I have an width opening of 35 - 15/16" and a height of 80 - 3/8". So my first question is what size door should I ask for, concerning the width and height of a door entrance system?

2nd question - If I measure from the outside of the exterior wall to the finish side of the interior wall, it is approximately 9".. Soo what size jamb should I order for this? Do I need to order a jamb this size? Or do I order say 6 - 1/2 jamb and then fill in the rest of the openeing with a decorative finish wood?

I hope this makes sense to you? Any help will be appreciated.


Ron6519 04-07-2008 03:42 PM

This sounds like a replacement door that was set into the existing frame. Is the measurement you're referring to the rough opening? Is this the stud to stud measurement of 35 15/16"? If the RO is 35 15/16", what size was the door, 32"? Is this a side or back door? Normally a front door is 36"
How old is this house?
With the current dimensions you will need to special order a door. A standard prehung door requires around 82-83" in height to fit into an opening. Was the height you mentioned, 80 3/8" from threshold on the bottom to header on top?

rbul 04-09-2008 03:51 PM

Go to your local lumber yard & ask for the Pella "Rough Opening Guide" a freebe.
In the book you will find the R.O. for your size door, be it wood or steel.
The door jamb fits inside this opening with room to spare, which means you will shim around the new jamb until the jamb is secure in the R.O.

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