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TheLoft 04-12-2007 03:19 PM

I need to enclose my Loft. Looking for your opinion what I should do. Pics attached
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I need to turn this loft(unused space) into an office. The problem is there is too much sound bouncing off from the downstairs foyer and family room. You can see from the pictures below I'm getting noise from both ends. I'm looking for a solution a way to make the room sound proof and at the same time look good. I'm thinking of a nice sliding window( dimensions approx: 82" x 40" ) but I'm not sure of the brand for the two openings overlooking the family room. Also I'm confused on what to do near the stairwell. I'm not sure how much I should pay to do this. Let me know your ideas and the most cost effective way. I appreciate your input.

AtlanticWBConst. 04-12-2007 06:17 PM


Yes, the way to go is to 'close it off'. Obviously, you can frame in the end area where the railing is.
For a sliding windows, you can hunt around for some deals. You should use exterior grade windows, their double panes offer good sound deadening construction. You could also try a 'glass store'.
If you find some decent sliding windows (price wise) that are smaller than the open areas, then you can frame in the openings to accomodate the size.

Gerry Kiernan 04-23-2007 11:29 AM

It looks like you have a large area of drywall, with nothing to absorb or deaden the sound. Wall hangings, curtains, overstuffed furniture, and carpet will all help reuce the amount of noise bouncing around in there. Closing it off, as suggested, with double glazed windows will also reduce the noise greatly. If the noise coming up the stairwell is still too great, you could consider a trap door. Build it out of something lightweight.



J187 04-23-2007 01:44 PM

Check the Bargain outlets. We found a great deal on a sliding window at Grossman's Bargain Outlet.

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