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aero_ub 04-13-2006 08:33 PM

How to line up trusses with studs
Hi guys, I have a question about lining up the wall studs with the roof trusses.

This is a garage that is 32' x 40' with the trusses spanning the 32'. The garage walls are going to be 2x4's 16" oc and the trusses 2' oc. I already had all the walls broken up and laid out (in AutoCAD) and then laid out the trusses. I realize now that if I lay the walls out differently I can have every other truss be 'in-line' with a stud in the wall. But, this will through off all the walls that I already have laid out and then I would have to add in studs anywhere a 4'x8' sheet is going to fall because I shifted all the studs and they no longer would fall where the sheets do.

The way it is now all the trusses fall about 4-1/2" one way or the other from being in-line with a wall stud. If I do shift them around so that every other truss in in-line with a stud then every other truss also falls at dead center between two wall studs. Being dead center between two wall studs is the worst possible location for them in term of bending and shear forces on the top plates (2-2x4's for the top of the walls).

I'm just wondering what is 'standard' practice and if it will really even matter one-way or the other? What are your suggestions on which way I should go?

btw...the walls have double 2x4 top plates, the trusses are 32' span with a 12x4 pitch and in NY (near Buffalo so you can expect some live loads lol).

Thanks for any input

robertcdf 04-13-2006 09:20 PM

I have never worried so much about it. But what you could do if you like is to change your layout so that everyother one hits. Then cut your first sheet of ply then all the rest will fit without cutting.

bob the builder 04-13-2006 10:15 PM

I always have every other stud line up with a stud in that situation, only because it is easy to do. As far as the sheets of ply, who cares. I put my sheets on so they stand 4' tall because I feel this is more structually sound. More so on the gable end because I stand my second coarse up to tie the truss to the wall using the plywood. Not a big deal either way. I am assuming you are standing your plywood up so you don't see any seams when standing in the garage. Thats fine, some builders use foam for walls so to each his own...


Bonus 04-13-2006 10:59 PM

Don't sweat it, with two plates, where you put the trusses is irrelevant, structurally. If it's going to bug you, then stack them where you can but don't lose any sleep over it. :)

KenTheHandyMan 04-16-2006 02:35 PM

Ditto, don't worry about it. You're not going to gain much by changing the layout. Worry about how the sheets are laid out.

crecore 04-24-2006 03:48 PM

In the case of mixing 16 and 2' o.c. I dont worry about it either, but I do make sure my top plates are staggered by a minumum of 6', this in theory spreads the load of a single truss on the top plate to a minimum of 4 studs... this is a rule of thumb I came up with once about a time. Although this type of "band load" theory really should never apply once everything is tied together.

Relax, have a homebrew

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