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philmyster 06-26-2008 05:12 PM

how to jack my old house with old beams
Hi, if anyone can help me with jacking up my old house. The front of the house sunk in the middle so that is is like a V. I estimate that it dropped almost 8 inches in the middle. It is a one floor house with a finished attic. The basement is a dug out dirt basement with a concrete floor. The foundation is made from 6" round stones about 3' high. The dirt wall from the dug out basement is supported with a retaining wall made from 2"x12" pressure treated wood and comes in about 2' from the foundation. The floor joist are old wooden beams that looked like they came from a log home (there's still notches in them). The beams are 2'5" on center and the house is about 25' across the front. I would like to not only jack up the center beams but also fix it permanently so that I will not have to have columns in the basement. Can anyone help me thanks! Phil

buletbob 06-26-2008 08:55 PM

From what I have read from your post. your house had a crawl space originally, then it was dug out and the foundation & footings were supported from caving in by building a retaining wall of railroad ties set back 2' . which is what I have seen done quite a few times.
Your also saying the center girder is down 8" . It Sounds to me that when they replaced the columns they did not install the proper footers.
Something to consider If your looking to remove the columns in the basement to gain room your going to loose some head room from the size of the steel I beam. that going to be Around 14" depending on the load that is imposed on it . your engineer will do the calculations to determine the proper girder.

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