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How to fix gap in door Jamb of exterior door?


I have a ~1/4" gap between the bottom half of the door jamb and door. My home is old so the frame isn't straight anymore. I included some pictures of the gap and a picture of the top where the gap is reasonable. Additionally I included a picture of the weatherstripping around the door (the gap makes the stripping useless). What would be the best course of action? Should I just buy more weatherstripping? Or should I use Acrylic Caulk/ Some shims?

Thanks in advance.

Normal Gap
Weather Proofing

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Can not tell what that last picture was suppost to be showing. Can not see any weather stripping or the door stop trim.
Use a framing square on the hindge side, then at least a 4' level to check for plumb.
First figure out what's off causing this.
Check for loose or stripped hindge screws or worn out hindges.


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is the gap at the top of the door larger on handle side and is the gap tighter at the bottom hinge then at the top
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"be careful at listening to just one persons advise" said myself
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Why did the jamb move? There's a paint line down on the floor, how long ago was that done? I'd want to know more about why the gap opened up that much. As in, what about the structure is failing fast enough to cause THAT to happen.

Second, is the door warped?
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Replace the hinges with longer multi-purpose screws first and see if that helps. Its hard for us to tell from the pictures you posted. As Joe said, put a framing square in the upper corner of the hinged jamb after checking the hinged jamb for plumb. It must be plumb.
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