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jbar2845 04-11-2013 02:06 PM

house sill rot? deck down
Hello folks newbie here:)

So I knew that I had som rotting of the exterior wood shingles underneath the door on my deck. I pulled some of the rotted pieces out, and then to reach more I took off a peice of the decking...

Turns out that the joist/beam? that was attached to the house was almost completey rotted thru from improper deck building. The person who owned the house before me did not use any flashing to keep water off that main joist/beam that attached to the house. The whole deck was pretty much mickey moused and after I pulled the posts, railings and stairs of it pretty much came down with a little tug.

Water was really bad at that part of the deck also becuase water is getting behind the gutter when it rains hard. I dont know why, but the gutter is spaced off the fascia with what looks like little 3/8" shims? I used to do roofing construction a few years back and we always hung a trim coil and then fastened the gutter to that. Then a bead of silicone to seal the gutter to the coil.

So now I have quite the project on my hands. I have a contractor comming over to look at the water dammage that got into the main support sill under where the door is. That is really the only area that was rotted thru. I was able to dig about 1/2" of rot out from the sill and now it seems pretty solid. I'm really hoping he tells me that I dont have to replace a piece of the sill. I will have a professional do it if I have to.:(

I have attached some pics any comments or help would be greatly appreciated from a novice first time home owner. After I get some feeback from the contractor/anyone here:thumbsup: I plan on getting started on getting a deck back up. Any info or how to links on deck building would also be appreciated.

thanks guys!:thumbup:

do not see where I can attach pics here...I will try in another post.

jbar2845 04-11-2013 02:14 PM

wanted to post some pics for y'all but I dont see a "manage attachments" button:confused1:

MJ Force 04-11-2013 02:23 PM

In new reply hit the '+' button. At least from my phone it's like that. It will give you options for photos in there.

jbar2845 04-11-2013 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by MJ Force (Post 1156963)
In new reply hit the '+' button. At least from my phone it's like that. It will give you options for photos in there.

Im on a pc and I dont see where that is?

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