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shaw 01-04-2006 11:09 PM

Help Me.....installing Wall Safe
I have a wall safe designed to fit between two wall studs approx 16 inches apart. Problem is after cutting drywall hole I see that studs are to close together.....not 16 inches apart........studs are about 1.5 inches short. Could I shave or cut 5/8 inch off each stud.......would this work ? Would the stud still be able to hold the weight of this 35 lb safe ? Safe is to be bolted into studs with screws........don't know if stud would be ok if I trimmed it down 5/8 inch ?? Could I screw in an additional stud to each one to strengthen it ?? Don't know.........but I'm determined to make this work since I already have a big hole in my wall. Any ideas or suggestions would be great....thanks

jproffer 01-04-2006 11:19 PM


studs are about 1.5 inches short
Most framing is built on 16" centers, not 16" apart.


Could I shave or cut 5/8 inch off each stud
I think you mean 3/4", but no I wouldn't do that.


Could I screw in an additional stud to each one to strengthen it ??
That's the ticket. Take out a section of drywall from floor to ceiling, put a FULL LENGTH stud next to each one on the outside. Don't bother trying to "shave" a 2x4, just cut out the area you need out, then replace with pieces of 1x4. This should leave 16" between studs. Keep in mind there's fasteners on the outside of the house too going into these studs, just pray you miss them.

Bonus 01-04-2006 11:26 PM

I can't believe someone sold you something that won't fit in the standard stud spacing. Can you contact the company and get their real safe, not the joke model? :rolleyes:

shaw 01-05-2006 12:17 AM

Any thing else I could do......besides pulling out the drywall from floor to ceiling to add the additional stud........lot of work.......looking for a simpler idea if possible.......thanks.......and by the way I was aware of safes diminisions.......I was UNAWARE my home was built over 70 years ago when I guess measuring studs was studs are shorter together for whatever reason........

Bonus 01-05-2006 12:54 AM

Is the place where you're putting the safe in an outside wall, or otherwise bearing any load? Can you tell?

The stud spacing has been 14.5 in. between studs for just about ever.

If the wall is non-structural (and you're sure) you could cut one stud the height of the safe, feed as long of a piece of 2x4 as you can inside the hole into the "hidden" cavity, pull it back against the two cut ends and screw it top and bottom. If you just start a screw in the middle of the piece you'll have something to hang onto while you do this.

Bonus 01-05-2006 01:04 AM

...and watch for wires on the far side of the stud!!!

troubleseeker 09-24-2006 09:22 PM

I would look for another safe before destroying the wall to open up the stud spacing. Anything designed to "fit in a 16" stud bay" is going to be no more tha 14.5 inches in size. This is a standard spacing in construction and should be available. As for shaving the 2 studs, I can't imagine it posing any structural problems as I interpret one response to hint at, but the chance of doing that without damaging the drywall on the opposite side of the studs is pretty slim.

crecore 10-01-2006 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by troubleseeker (Post 19110)
but the chance of doing that without damaging the drywall on the opposite side of the studs is pretty slim.

Unless the safe is 3.5" deep (lol) I dont think he's putting this in a spot where there's drywall on the other side. I suppose it could be into a closet in which case it has to be cut out anyway but usually these go into attic or knee wall space.

I would also just sister a new stud in there full length, cut out just the portion you dont need of the old, screwing what's left to the new stud. Watch for wires as others have said also.

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