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jakjak22 09-06-2007 11:26 PM

help me
i just bought a medievil/balinese style coffee table second hand and the top needs to be re-stained or touched up, i dont want to sand it all off, and it would be quite difficult to do as there is iron detailing on the top and sides, im not sure what wood it is made from either, does anyone have an idea on the best finish to bring it back to its former glory without stripping it right back?

thanks, jak

Big Bob 09-07-2007 08:40 AM

check out Homer Fromby (sp?) refinishing products.

I make my own.

0000 steel wool / mineral spirits/ boiled linseed / dash of lacquer thinner
dry clean cotton rag (old undies)

will melt, then clean , add oil to dry wood, take care of scratches, water marks.

You are really cleaning your top finish coat.

Test b4 you go for big project also Metal inlay may be tricky if painted.

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