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help with built-up crown

hi guys.

i want to add crown to a few rooms i'm working on. both about 12X12 and 9' ceilings.

i want the look of the really old, historical plaster molded crown kind of thing, but something rather simple to build.
i've been to my local lumber yard and wasn't impressed with the variety of crown options they sell.

having trouble finding pictures of old, classic crown molding, or figuring out where to get it and how to build it.

any tips to steer me in the right direction?

i guess what i'm aiming for is a 3-piece using inverted baseboard, and/or possibly a soffit/fascia kind of thing. don't want to get too elaborate.

thanks a lot.

edit: something like this!


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The 9' ceiling is one thing, but in a small room, large crown does not look right. I would go with with something smaller, no more that 3 1/2".


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Shop online. Among options in addition to nice wood trim are all kinds of extruded foam sort of products that will make purists scream but nobody will notice once they are along the ceiling and painted. I do agree that elaborate crown molding can look weird in small rooms with low ceilings so don't go overboard.

We have an architectural preservation place here that sells rescued trim from old buildings and houses. Anything like that near you?

This place has a lot of 1800s homes and many of their drawings and detail photos are on hand at the archivist at the library. Your library may also have a copy of books with trim details.
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thanks. so are you guys suggestion i avoid doing a 3-piece, even if all three pieces are relatively small?

say, a wall and ceiling band of basic 1X4 or something, with base caps to match my door casings, and then a 3 1/2" crown in between the two?

is it correct that it would be architecturally "wrong" to use a cyma recta type molding in between these two, and it would look better to have a "bed molding" supporting the upper baseboard?

do you think i should just go with a single 3 1/2" piece of crown? seems so boring to me.

thanks again.
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try the two piece with the inverted base like you said. Having the base up first on the walls will help with a solid nailing platform for the crown anyway and its a good look for those small rooms.
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i went to the local lumber place today and looked at their crown display (this was another yard a bit further away that i remembered).

i really like this one that i took a photo of. only problem, they don't stock any of the stuff - it's all custom set up fee nonsense.
so, this particular th ing would cost $5+ per lineal foot and another $350 for the knives set up.

i really love this one because the bottom mimics my casing detail pretty closely, and it springs out far and sort of "spills" onto the ceiling a good bit.
it's 4 5/8", which i think would be a really good size.

do you guys know of anywhere online that might stock this profile, or something very close?

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The traditional plaster crown look can be imitated with foam molding.

My quick google search turned up this amongst a lot of others.

Good luck, sounds like fun
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Multi-piece wood, try some of these:

Be safe, Gary


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