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DEET0607 01-08-2012 09:06 PM

Hardware for rotating cabinet
I have an entertainment room (movie room only) that I have remodeled and hooked up surround system and recessed tv, boxes, speakers into wall. I want to close this room off from the rest of the house by putting in a custom cabinet that will hide this room. Its roughly 6'x7' and is the only access to rest of house. I have the plans for the cabinet and dimensions, which I want to rotate on one axis so it will swing a complete 360deg. (something like in movies with a fireplace on one side, and book shelf on other that swings around) Problem is I cannot find a base to set it on that will work, and from there I will figure out how to mount the cabinet to the base.

Couple things I was thinking was a base for the center that is mounted to floor and hase a top that rotate arounds (miniature merry-go-round) type deal, or build a platform with wheels on both ends and attach the cabinet to a rod or post ran to cross braces in trusses so it doesn't shift.. I may be to narrow minded to see the simplicity in this or maybe someone can shed some light on my lack of creativity and refer me to a better plan or types of hardware that will work. Thanks for all your help and time.


abracaboom 01-09-2012 04:07 AM

You have a room that you access through an opening that is 6 feet wide and seven feet tall, right? And you want to build a cabinet that's roughly 6'x7' and at least one foot deep? And you want this cabinet to rotate 360 degrees, presumably on a vertical axis through the center of the cabinet, so that when the cabinet is rotated 90 degrees, you have two openings into the room at most 30 inches wide? Have you thought this through? I don't think it's going to happen. In the first place, hardware aside, that cabinet would have to be at most 5 feet wide with a 6 inch gap on either side between the ends of the cabinet and the jambs, so that when you turn it, the cabinet corners don't hit the jambs. To avoid having that gap, you would need a contraption that first slides the cabinet straight out about 16 inches, then rotates it 360 degrees, and finally slides it back again. If you want to spend 10 grand on such a contraption, I'm sure a mechanical engineer and a machine shop could get it done.

Movie sets are make-believe!

EvilNCarnate 01-09-2012 08:44 AM

You can’t spin a square, but if you round off the corners.... or angle them. First work it out on paper what you want to build. I would take some heavy construction paper, make my room, then take a piece of it and make the "cabinet", use a brad to rotate it on the paper, figure out how much you have to reduce the depth or edges to accommodate this. To make it rotate on that axis you could use some industrial plumbing fittings, the type that allow you to bolt a piece of steel pipe in place, then make a sleeve in the shelf using PVC pipe that would fit over the steel pipe. Build the unit in 2 pieces, both sides separate, have the pipe installed (either with the pvc sleeve in place or cut the pvc in half and put each piece on the cabinets), mount the units together back to back against the pipe. As for supporting the weight you could recess some swivel casters into the shelves so they hold the unit up say 1/4", use some type of laminate or wood strips to create a track for the casters to follow so they don’t bind........ It’s not impossible just takes some ingenuity.

joecaption 01-09-2012 08:56 AM

For a bearing all I can picture is a tapered roller bearing flange mounted bearing. Or a thrust bearing on the bottom and a bronze bushing to deal with the side load.
It would withstand the top and side loads.
Any real bearing company would be able to help you out with it.

DEET0607 01-09-2012 01:08 PM

Abracaboom. Thanks for your time however I belive you are overthinking the build.

Guys please keep this in mind; the width of the cabinet, being it is primarily for show does not have to be precut width of a 1x12, and the extent in which abracaboom would build the cabinet is not neccessary. Very simple, take the trim off the case opening and concave the inside of the wall to accomidate the edge of a square cabinet (my walls are 2x6.)

Again, I gave the description of the project to make the post a lil more interesting, I have several different designs on CAD, I am just trying to find the HARDWARE that will work.

Evilncarnate I like the idea!
Joecaption thanks for the direction of where to start. I would have to see exactly what you are talking about and go from there. If I have to have a custom piece of hardware build that be more costly but not that bad.

I may go with Evil's idea with the sleeve, and put it around a piece of pipe bolted to floor and attatched in trusses for sway, then build cabinet on top of casters and trim bottom out so they cannot be seen. Depending on cost for a bearing type design I may have to go that direction. When the project is completed I will post some pictures and thank you for your time and advice!

abracaboom 01-09-2012 05:47 PM


Originally Posted by DEET0607 (Post 817517)
Very simple, take the trim off the case opening and concave the inside of the wall to accomidate the edge of a square cabinet (my walls are 2x6.)

You said in your first message that you want to hide the entrance. For that you only need the cabinet to rotate 90 degrees. 90 degrees would be more doable, but still much more likely to look rinky-dink than invisible.

(Concave jambs will do nothing to keep the corners from hitting the walls. If you only rotate the cabinet 90 degrees, you might be able to use wide casing to hide the gaps necessary to keep the corners from hitting the walls.)

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