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Had to remove part of my subfloor, now I have NO idea what to do...please help!

Hey all...I am remodeling my shower and have run into a problem. The subfloor was rotted so I removed it and am adding a new subfloor. I bought the plywood, and planned to put a nailing edge on the left and right sides where the old plywood sticks out slightly to support the new plywood.

HOWEVER, I am worried about the left and right walls. Since I've cut the plywood, I am worried that they dont have enough support. Underneath them is just an empty space; the joists to the left and right side of the left and right walls, respectively, are a few inches away. How can I support the walls better? Here is an image of what I'm talking about (I know the idiots cut the joist to fit the drain; I plan on sistering it).

Thanks SO much!

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Had to remove part of my subfloor, now I have NO idea what to do...please help!

#1 Should have used a Tow Kick saw to cut out the subfloor.
That way you could have cut right along the bottom plates. Still could do it with a sawsall.
That piece of plywood sticking out is doing you 0 good.
The supports need to fastened to the bottom plate, not the thin plywood sticking out.
Couple of different ways to fix this.
The best way is to cut out the sheetrock in the room below and header off where you need the added support.
The second way is to add strips of 2 X 6's with construction adhesive and screws to act as a nailer.
The best way would be to predrill pilot holes in the boards and insert the screws, then use an Impact driver to drill the screws.
That way the board does not get push away as the screws go in and your not trying to hold the screws and the driver at the same time.
I'd never had used plywood to fix that floor, Advantech is stronger and far more moisture resistant.
I also would have cut that drain pipe and sistered another piece to the joist and also added another on to the back side where they chiseled out for the drain shoe.

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Had to remove part of my subfloor, now I have NO idea what to do...please help!

If you say so, I will remove the edges. I had no idea a tow kick saw even existed, that sounds great!

I would have used advantech, but i cant find it anywhere near me. Its all generic OSB. I'll do whatever you think is best...i have to remove the ceiling underneath it anyway since the shower was leaking onto it. If I can screw the 2x6s into the bottom plate, I would prefer to, though. Just as long as it gives me enough support. I had already planned to sister it.

Thanks for the advice!
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Had to remove part of my subfloor, now I have NO idea what to do...please help!

Those walls are not bearing any weight, so you don't have to worry about supporting those walls. They are hanging from the top plate as well, and if you want to, you can add toe screws to the top plate and top plate to the ceiling joists, etc.

Shower floor has to be reinforced some other ways, so you can just screw a nailer in each bay (all around) to the strips of ply left over and drop in a filler. I would drop a second layer of 1/2 to 3/4 ply on top, glue and screw.

You can also add 2x3 or 2x4 nailers in each bay on edge. Pre drill the nailers and just screw to the joists. Angle screw driver really helps in tight spaces. I only have 3/8 chuck milwaukee angle screw driver, but it is one of really useful tools. Do not buy angle attachment. They don't last and tend to flop around.
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