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4just1don 01-25-2010 04:10 PM

Front entry door repair ideas???
I have a front entry door that has 3 beveled glass windows on top (the GOOD part) which I am trying to save.

The bottom has been ugly for 30 plus years. It has a 22" bye 38" thin wood panel that cracked maybe 50 years ago. Somebodies idea of a repair back then was an ugly piece of masonite,old style, tacked to inside and outside of the door within the beveled cavity of this thin panel.

I was thinking IF I could take this repair masonite panel off,,,put 1/2 " styrofoam on BOTH inside and outside of door,,it would be more energy efficient. Then cover that with a panel of wood fastened to the thick door part ,,,beveled the other way,,in other words from the panel down to door stile level. then stain and finish those two panels, (inside and outside) to try to match darker door varnish color. I think the door and all trim around it is pine.

My thoughts were this is BETTER than the leaky cold panels now,,,and CANT be any more ugly,,,can it???

Any one ever try something similiar,,,is this a GOOD idea??

If I were to replace the door(its a 32" door) I would put in a 36" door BUT would have trouble matching up or even finding WIDER top trim to match long leaf pine of 30's or 40's version,,,plus cornice moulding.

Any ideas appreciated,,,those old thin(must either be a 1/8 or at most 1/4 inch panel) panel doors are NOT a good idea. Thanks -don-

YesMaam27577 01-25-2010 06:56 PM

Just aboput anything you do to "repair" the old door will not look right. My recommendation is to get a new pre-hung unit, with whatever door style you like. Use the trim that comes with the pre-hung as an installation aid, and keep it if you want. Or, once you're done with the install, remove the new trim and replace it with the original from the house. If as you say, the old trim won't be long enough, then use ALL new trim, made from "C-and-better" pine. Do whatever you need to do to match the stain color.

Maintenance 6 01-26-2010 07:09 AM

I actually did something similar to door that went to an unheated attic. I took the old panels out. Two were cracked anyway. Built new panels by laminating two pieces of thin plywood with a piece of foam board in between. Then glued on some moldings for appearance and installed them in the existing openings of the door. It was a lot of work, but the door was an odd size and would have been an expensive custom order.

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