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civil_corruption 12-28-2006 06:59 PM

Framing question(s)
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Hi Everyone
I am about to start framing my basement and noticed on the basement blueprint that one wall is designed to be 5.5 inches thick as opposed to 3.5 inches thick for all other walls. The thicker wall will separate the new laundry room and the new bathroom and is non load bearing.
I am confused as to why this wall is designed to be thicker.

Second question. I have to frame a wall parallel to the overhead joists and I will have to add nailers as the wall will be offset from the joists. The problem is that there is a thermo-pan between the joists where the nailers for the top plate will go. Can I simply raise the thermo-pan to accomodate the nailers?

Thanks a lot!

AtlanticWBConst. 12-29-2006 04:19 AM

Question 1) The wall is most likely larger in width to accomodate the diameter of your plumbing lines that are 'proposed' to be installed in that particular wall.
This is common in new construction apartments, condos, as well as commercial construction (offices, etc..) ... where multiple plumbing lines or heavier volume plumbing is required.

Question 2) You should not 'raise your thermo pan. What you should do as a first step is to install all your ceiling strapping 16 O.C. over the above 1st floor joists (your new basment ceiling joists) Strapping will eliminate the issue of installing 'nailers' in between your joist bays where ever you want to put a wall.
It will also help your sheetrock lay flatter and more linear, since joists are not all the same in their sruface 'continuity'. (There will be variations even in new construction of as much as 1/4" on the underside of the joist surfaces... due to the difference in each joist's crown)
Strapping also gives an added surface for electrical lighting box fixtures to be mounted to, where ever you may desire to install them (rather than having to build out nailers in between joist bays....for these too)

mighty anvil 01-01-2007 11:12 PM

Note that the plans give the dimensions to the face of studs so there are 2x4 and 2x6 walls. The door dimensions are to inside of the frame. An odd convention.

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