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JPBruin 11-16-2011 04:20 PM

Framed Entryway With Second Opening (How to trim this?)
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Hello everyone,

First time posting here. I've been working on a range of home improvement projects and I've frequently stumbled across this forum during internet searches, so it seemed like a great place to start! I'm definitely a carpentry neophyte so please forgive my lack of descriptive content.

I've been trying to visualize some attractive way to frame the entryway below, and have been frustrated due to the inclusion of the second smaller opening on the right-hand side. I've seen some attractive styles for framing a sole entryway such as this (I'm having trouble finding some good photos) but I can't imagine how well they might work with the right-hand space.

Does anyone have some photos, thoughts, or ideas as to how they might approach a project such as this?

I attached a photo as an example.

(Forgive the mess! We just put the crown molding up and have yet to cut in around it to clean up the pain job, and we're going to repaint the dining room in the background, so these rooms are in complete disorganization during the project.)

rossfingal 11-16-2011 05:41 PM

Consider that the post between the large left hand opening and the smaller
right hand opening may be structural.


oh'mike 11-16-2011 05:45 PM

Trimming is the word you need not 'framing'

There are a lot of trim guys and gals here----I'll change your title to read trim instead of framing ,if you wish..

rossfingal 11-16-2011 06:09 PM

"framing" - "trim" what's the diff. ?
It's all wood.


oh'mike 11-16-2011 06:52 PM

One is the head --the other is the hat!!

loneframer 11-16-2011 07:05 PM

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You could start by dressing up the post and putting a nice counter top on the kneewall.

DannyT 11-16-2011 07:49 PM

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the house we bought had all drywalled doorways when we moved in last year. I thought it really looked too plain so I dressed it up a little. these are before and after pics.

woodworkbykirk 11-16-2011 08:46 PM

in a renovation situation its hard to say what exactly is going on there... in some situations the post that divides the two openings is structural in others its jsut there for aesthetics.. either way the sky's the limit as to what can be done to it with trim

its just a matter of picking up some sheet stock mdf. and a few different moldings. the key thing is to have the correct proportions. its one thing to slap together trim but having the correct proportions are what really make it pop

Big Stud 12-07-2011 08:28 PM

Nice job DannyT! Looks great,

mb88 01-16-2012 11:36 AM

DannyT - Love what you did and literally online looking for info on how to do this.

Please tell me what wood do you use for the inside of the entryway.
I went to the lowes and it seems they only sell the wood for a new door entranceway.
I don't want to pester my husband and want to do this myself.
We have a miter saw and am even contemplating buying a router and table as I have a lot of moulding working/builtins, ect that I plan on doing myself......
Like I don't understand how u add would trim to the halfwall pick above...another project I have, but I digress.

Anyway, if anyone can answer this, I'd really appreciate it.
I am redoing the whole house adding crown moulding to this room. Starting with the moulding around the entranceway. I have a halfwall that I need to finsih off too.

BigJim 01-16-2012 04:31 PM


Originally Posted by loneframer (Post 772894)
You could start by dressing up the post and putting a nice counter top on the kneewall.

Ya beat me to it, that is what I was going to suggest only with square columns but that does look good with the round sitting on the square.

Another thing is you could duplicate with another of what you have now on the other side then columns with top. Just a thought.

Danny T's looks good also maybe incorporate both looks.

DannyT 01-17-2012 06:25 AM

everything around the doorway is MDF except the fluted trim up the sides and the narrow molding across the top. the pieces framing the inside of the doorway i cut from a 4x8 sheet of MDF since it was around 11 inches wide. lowes sells 1x4 and 1x6 mdf which is what i used to frame in the windows and doorways that had only drywall corners.

mae-ling 01-17-2012 10:43 AM

Danny - Love the crown moulding detail at the top of the opening:thumbup:

DannyT 01-18-2012 08:00 AM

thank you, so does my wife. i assume its the little jog around the panel above the door you are talking about.

mae-ling 01-18-2012 08:27 AM

Yes and the flat moulding going all the way up and behind it.

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