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sacman11 10-21-2010 11:47 AM

Floating Shelf - 32" TV
Hello, This is my first post on this forum and I am very glad to see that there are people with knowledge who are willing to help.

I have a 32" TUBE TV which measures 35" W x 26" H x 23/5" D. I think it weighs somewhere around 100-150 pounds if I was guessing.

I would like to build a floating shelf in my garage to support this TV and am looking for some advice as how to best do that.

First I am wondering if a floating shelf which needs to stick out 24 inches from the wall can support a TV of this size without any supporting brackets underneath it.

Would a 2x6 nailer attached to the wall (lag bolts to two seperate studs 16" OC) and 2x6 cross pieces used to frame the base support this TV? Or would the pull force from gravity at the front of the TV rip it from the wall.

If floating wont work, what is an alerternative? I thought of maybe supporting the shelf with support arms cut at 45 degrees coming from the front of the shelf to the back wall. This approach would not look as nice but I dont want this TV falling off the wall.

Any help would be appreciated.



wombosi 10-24-2010 08:19 AM

hm. your idea might actually hold the thing, barely. but i'm wondering why you couldn't add at least small diagonal braces underneath, or from above. little cables from above? you could do braces at 60 which would minimize the intrusion from below a bit.

i'd be very hesitant to dangle a shelf way out like that with so much weight on it.

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