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hovercarracer 09-14-2012 01:15 AM

Fix warped table top edge
Hi all, I snagged this wooden coffee table off the sidewalk and noticed that the back edge of the table top is warped upwards. Is there an easy way to go about fixing this?

I've read a bit about wetting the wood and clamping and so on but:
(a) I can't remove the table top (the un-warped part is stuck on pretty tightly),
(b) I can't clamp the middle because it's too deep, and
(c) having difficulty clamping the corners because of the trim on the ledge.
(See photo)

I don't have many tools - just the clamp, a hammer and some ancient liquid nail stuff.... Any advice? Should I just put the table back on the sidewalk? :P

DannyT 09-14-2012 12:06 PM

you sure that's real wood, the top looks kinda like particle board to me.

fixup 10-17-2012 04:37 PM

Hi hovercarracer. To fix this, you would need to twist the wood in the opposite direction. You've probably read that this is accomplished by (1) adding moisture to the concave side or (2) removing moisture from the convex side. Since you can't separate the top from the table, option #2 is out, as it requires at least enough space for an iron or hot plate. You could place a steamed towel on the corner and cover it with plastic to prevent evaporation. However, this could affect the trimming underneath. See this paper for more tips and information: Ending the bending.

This technique won't work if the table is actually made of particle board, as DannyT suggests. Particle board loses its tensile strength when damaged and usually needs to be replaced in full. Also, if water is the source of the warp, the table top might harbor mold.

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