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nat 11-11-2006 12:52 PM

Fireplace "heatilator"
My house has a fireplace with a heatilator from approx. 50 years ago. Fireplace is brick with 4 heatilator grill vents on the front. They are pretty unattractive. It is doubtful that the heatilator even works anymore. I was told that I could just shut off the heatilator fan and cover the vents (they are cut into the brick). Cover with lumber tile, granite etc to make a more attractive fireplace.

Has anyone done this or know anything about doing it??


joasis 11-11-2006 04:16 PM

I was thinking about installing a heatilator in the new home we are planning, and the masonry guys discouraged me from doing this. I will see if I can get a few of them to pop over and look at your post and give you some advice.

nat 11-11-2006 05:56 PM

Thanks.. I'd really appreciate that!:)

HarryHarley 11-17-2006 02:04 PM

Nat, I have a Heatilator thats 25 years old. Had it inspected and has no problems. As long as you don't ever plan to use the fireplace any more you can cover the vents with your desire. But, the vents circulate heat around the back of firebox. If you or a future user of wanting to use it again, covering it would be dangerous.

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