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Skibob 06-18-2011 04:56 PM

Fiber cement board
I have fiber cement siding on my home. When the home was built the siding was put up to the window and sliding door frames. To put in new windows I would have to remove the siding to be able to remove the window. I want to put recessed trim around the windows and doors to dress up the curb appeal and to be able to remove a window in the future without having to remove the siding.

I'm thinking that I could make a 3 5/8" cut around each item at a depth down to the exterior sheeting and then peel out the siding from the cut line to the frame.

Once this is done I would insert a 2X4 in the opening and caulk.

Also, two of the windows are about 5' X 6'. They are arched at the top. I'm not sure how I would cut the ached area?

Does this sound like the right approach or is there a better and maybe easier way of doing this?

Any suggestions?



kwikfishron 06-18-2011 05:14 PM

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Welcome to the forum Skibob.

You have the basic idea except at first only cut the siding back a couple of inches to get the old window out and the new one in.

after the window is in hold your new trim against the window and scribe the siding and cut again. This will assure a better fit for the trim.

Be sure not to cut the weather barrier, set the saw a little short and you can easily finish the cut with a razor knife or sharp chisel.

You should be able to cut the arch the same way if you're careful .

Skibob 06-18-2011 06:01 PM

If I damage the weather barrier is it acceptable to reseal it with something like silicone of rubber cement.

Also, I think I would have a lot of trouble cutting the arch with a circular saw. Would an oscillating tool be better to cut the arch or would it be to slow?

kwikfishron 06-18-2011 07:20 PM

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You should make “not cutting the WB” one of the main goals of the project.

I’d use my little trim saw on the arch. Can’t comment on the oscillating tool, I’m probably the only one out there without one. To date I’ve never ran into a situation that my other tools couldn’t handle.

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