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ralphfravel 11-04-2009 08:28 AM

Entry Stair Case
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I am planning to remove my existing entry stairs and replace them with ones that meet current code and look a lot better than the 30-year old stairs. I plan to build something similar to the picture, although my stairs will be open on both sides and therefore have two skirt boards. Two questions:

1. I plan to miter the corners for each riser (just think it looks better) but am concerned about making very accurate miters in the skirt board which will require different tilt from my saw. Any advice about how to make these miters? I have a good circular saw but it tilts only one direction. I also have a good compound miter saw that tilts in both directions and have not tried it yet on a piece of scrap but I think it may be the best option. I understand that in either case, I'll have to finish the cut by hand.

2. I'll have two tread returns on each tread. Since the distance "between the horns" of the treads is fixed, the distance between the two skirts has to be very exact. Any advice about how to keep the joint between skirt and tread return clean and tight?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

MI-Roger 11-04-2009 07:03 PM

My experience........
  1. I used a table saw, then finished the cuts by hand. Measure three times and cut once!
  2. The return on the tread can be removed rather easily. Nailed but not glued. You can always knock it off the tread, cut the tread to the correct length or minor angle change, then reattach the return piece.

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