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m1951mm 08-22-2011 04:21 PM

Dumpster Dive Help-Rocking Chair
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I tried to go to the sister site for woodworking and was unable to post pics there:(. The site did not show where to download, just browse--------anyway.

I found a wonderful old rocking chair on the curb. I have tools:thumbup: and some skills:whistling2: but I am unsure how to attach new gluing dowels?? if that is the right question. The pics will show my problem. Would love some help make old new again!!!!!!!! Thanks

oh'mike 08-22-2011 05:14 PM

I hope Jiju1943 sees this---He's a mighty inventive wood worker.

First off--that's a poor quality chair--the tenons on the spindles are rather short and the wood kind of soft for chair spindles----So the repair will be a bit funky---

To repair the bad spindles you will need to drill into the spindle in order to add a new dowel or a threaded rod--

The good spindles will be reglued using Gorilla glue--and a bit of old nylon stocking over the tenon if the hole is loose.

The repaired spindles with the smaller dowels or threaded rod will be glued in with Epoxy and sawdust mixed together---packed in from the back side.

Where the arm rest meets the back--hold or clamp and drill a hole from the back of the spindle and then add a screw.

m1951mm 08-22-2011 05:19 PM

So you are telling me I picked another soft one, :mad:.

Thanks for you info, gives me somewhere to start.

oh'mike 08-22-2011 05:36 PM

Chair making is one of the highest points in furniture making.

I have a Hitchcock chair that is well over 200 years old---still tight and sound.

Modern cheapos however --will never see 10 years if someone actually uses it--

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