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Drawers in stairs, probably 16 inches

Thinking about putting sliding drawers in my stairs. The ... stringer?... is in the ceiling of the basement stairwell, hidden under drywall ceiling. I can see a square part right in the middle of all that, so it looks like I can bring the drywall down a few inches.

It looks like I've got about 12 inches from the bottom of the riser to the drywall ceiling below. If I take that ceiling completely out I'd probably be fine; if I really wanted to finish it, I'd install it below the visible block in the middle, giving 16 inches of total linear travel.

16 inch drawers in stairs. Good place to put tools, writing utensils, guitar strings?

13 stairs (not counting the floor level riser, because forget that) with a riser height of 6 inches, tread width of 32 inches (not sure if there's a center stringer, will find out). I think it's about as much storage as 2 kitchen cabinets. Zero footprint.

Problem is I can't figure any way to get into the stairs to do direct investigation. It's not easy to yank off a tread or a riser; the only other way is to cut into the ceiling under the basement, explore, and then patch it up.

Worth it? Or drawer size too small to bother?


If you can't explain why, then you don't know what you're talking about. I'll keep asking until I find someone who does.
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if they are 2x treads then there might not be a center stringer but chances are there is a center stringer that will block any drawer plans.


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I don't particularly care for drawers in stairs... With the structural members making up the stair, you can't really fit much in the final drawers anyways. If you put the drawers in the riser side, you have to lean over to reach a drawer... or climb up a few stairs and bend down... they're just not convenient. If you go into the side space under a stairwell you can fit things in, but even when ppl build in a wine fridge or something it looks awkward. There are ways, look at houzz.com... I'd say it's too small, not enough benefit.

Even if you have a center stringer, you could go two drawers per rise instead of one big one... but the amount of storage can probly be equaled by adding a small desk somewhere and it'd be much more useful space.
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True, although you're not considering much the utility of having immediate access to screwdrivers, tape measures, and other things that are usually a dig-through-the-toolbox thing. It's common practice to keep common tools in a drawer, usually in the kitchen (yes everyone I know has a tape measure in a kitchen drawer).

More to the point, I'm more thinking about things I don't always need. These aren't sock drawers; they'd be for stuff like batteries, compound screwdrivers, cables (USB, power cords, TV hookups), and other stuff that you want to have around but rarely ever actually need.

"Convenient" has strange definitions--either you bump out useful frequent-access space (kitchen cabinets) or you put stuff somewhere far away (go up to the attic/down to the basement to get some AAs). It's more of a priority system.
If you can't explain why, then you don't know what you're talking about. I'll keep asking until I find someone who does.
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I can see a drawer left open -
someone come's down the stairs; and, doesn't know the drawer was
left open -
Down the stairs they go!!
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