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n0c7 11-11-2008 03:42 PM

Door stop
I need a door stop to stop an exterior door from hitting a shelf. I need about 6 inches. I tried the door hinge stops, but its a metal door and it dinged the door so I removed it. They also didn't work too well with the hinge pins on that style of door as they are security notched.

I have hardwood floor and I want to avoid drilling a stop into the floor. Any suggestions? Can I get a 6" spring stop? I haven't seen them.

sausagefingers 11-15-2008 09:23 PM

Well...honestly you could probably just make something. Like a wooden spring stop, and on the end put some kind of rubber bumper to soften the landing. Heck you might be able to even use a "soft action" cabinet door mechanism so the door doesn't hit hard.

rredogg 11-16-2008 03:56 PM

Just and idea mind you. Using that hinge stop (hope you did not throw it away). There is a plastic disc sold to prevent door knobs from damaging walls when swung open. It is attached to the wall with tape that is already on the back side of the disc. Why not affix the disc to the backside of your metal door where the hinge stop meets the door. Should be an ease fix and not time consuming.

Just my two cents, rredogg

n0c7 11-19-2008 10:01 PM

I'm contemplating making something sausagefingers, but as for your idea rredogg that's another idea I didn't consider. The only issue is that these hinge pins have notches and do not sit well with that extra stopper as this is an exterior door and its some kind of security thing. Any ideas on that?

Maintenance 6 11-20-2008 11:50 AM

If you have a contract hardware company nearby, they could probably get you a Glynn-Johnson 450 series overhead stop or something similar. Rockwood makes them as well. Glynn-Johnson catalog link below.

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