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Erin McGuire 11-25-2008 09:31 AM

door jam is heavily slanted - 1930's remodel

We have a four-unit building built in 1930. We have 2 bathroom doors in the units we're remodeling that are straight, but the door jams are very out of whack. They slant up 3/4" over the top of the door. So, when the bathroom door is on the hinges, there is a "huge" gap over the door, like a triangle, letting a lot of light through.

Getting a new door is out of the question (original doors), so, what is my other option?

I was kicking around the idea of constructing a triangle to attach to the top, but wanted to know if a) that was a good idea, b) how to cut something to such a small point without losing a finger, and c) how and when to attach it to the door (should I attach the piece of wood to the door and then cut the angle, or cut the triangle and then attach; attach with glue and/or screws??).

Any suggestions?



buletbob 11-25-2008 10:32 AM

most likely the door has been cut down over the coarse of time the floor was sagging. Yes you can glue a piece of pine to the top of the door, I would use gorilla glue for this. then plane it down in place or you could use a belt sander. before you remove the door take a measurement with the door closed from the hinge side and lock side of the door to the top of the jamb. then after you have the wood glued in place you can mark the Wood and connect the two points and us that for a guide. reinstall the door and mark what you need for clearance of the jamb and re cut. Good luck BOB.

4just1don 11-26-2008 12:33 PM

before correcting this,,,best to check to see WHY and where the settling has occured,,,it NEVER gets better,only worse with more time. Finding the problem is preferable to fixing the symptoms. IF the problem cant be fixed whatsoever,,treat the symptoms. Fixing symptoms instead of the problem compounds every fix down the road!!!

drewhart 11-26-2008 08:03 PM

after you install this triangle you would have to readjust the door casing to keep and even reveal around the jamb. is the casing mitered or square? if its mitered you will have to recut the casing, one at an angle slightly bigger that 45 and one slightly less. if its just the light coming through that you are worried about, it might be easier to extend the top stop down.

chad4290 11-28-2008 11:47 AM

the cheapest fix without jacking up the house would be to take a board and measure the inside of the door.cut it to that length then measure the widest gap at the door. now cut it from 3/4 or whatever the gap is to 0" then glue and hand nail with small brads. make sure you dull the nail first so it doesn't split the wood. i would see what the gap is at the bottom also to see if you couldn't cheat the door a little. my guess is that is the same as the top.

buletbob 11-28-2008 12:37 PM

After thinking about your post and reading some of the other posters and comparing them to my original fix, here is another thought that will just require simple tools and safer. Do as Chad stated above. But close the door measure down what ever the width of the piece of wood that you are going to install on top of the door. 1"? 2"? measure down that measurement ON Both Ends of the door and cut along that line. this way you don't have to cut a tapered strip and risk getting hurt with the saw. Then glue nail, screw what ever you decide, then touch up with a plane or sander.
Or if you have the piece of wood butt it to the top of the jamb and mark the bottom along the face of the door and cut . then install the piece to the top of the door. BOB

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