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Door framing and sill question

I was going to replace my storm door with a new and nicer one and today I found a shocking surprise. After removing the old storm door I found that the bottom of the trim had some rot. I figured no big deal and I would replace all the outside trim with composite board, after all the home is 20 years old. Well below our door is a prefab concrete step. I decided to pull it out as the trim was right flush to it. After pulling it out I found whats in the photo below. They (assuming previous owner) removed part of the sill and attempted to reinforce it. The boards they reinforced it with are not even flush/square. It is bad enough that at the one end they shoved a rag in the hole to prevent airflow. There is about 2-3 inches from the edge of the door sill to the wood behind. Any ideas on what I could do with this. I have replaced doors and windows before, fixed floor joists and did subflooring but I am honestly lost and speechless on this one. I should add that the concrete pad porch was apparently added 10-15 years ago after the house was already built.
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Looks like any DIY porch conversion I've seen.
If I had to do It first thing I would do is remove the whole door, it was not flashed.
I'd clean out that left hand side and get it moist, Tap-Con a piece of wood to use as a form that's set level with the slab.
Back fill with Hydraulic cement.
Once hardened I'd chip off some of that extra concrete sticking out at the bottom with a brick chisel.
Then use 1 X 6 vinyl lumber in layers to build it out. Anything you use can not stick out behind the doors threshold, if it does it will act like a funnel to direct water under the door.
Flash the opening, and reinstall the door.


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What is behind those boards and that rag? There is a fair chance you have a serious case of rot in whatever is behind that. Possibly, that is what the previous owner was trying to fix when he did this mess.
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Believe it or not the boards under the door are solid. It is only the trim around the door that had rot. That could have started before the porch was added. The porch overhangs about 5' so not much water gets there now, but I don't want to risk it.

Thanks joe, I do want to replace the whole door, I just wanted to know what I have ahead to fix it. I talked to a friend who is a contractor today, he said would come look at it later in the week to see what he thinks. So you would fill in the entire void with hydraulic cement? or just the gap where the rag is?
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