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JayI 08-02-2006 12:12 PM

Deck Railing ?
Hi Just joined am looking forward to the information shared on this site.
I have a deck which is very narrow in depth 7'9" width is 30'. I want to build a "slanted railing to utilize a "full view" and not feel like I am in jail. I am up on a hill and it is a great view. With the old railing(which I tore down) I couldn't see a thing. Not interested in glass just a slant to the rail. I know it is not code but can anyone assist?

Thanks to all in advance,

powrus 08-12-2006 04:39 AM

Jay - You might need to elaborate more on the concept of a "slanted" deck railing. Slanting the railing doesn't seem to offer more visability, in my opinion. What am I missing here?

For greater visibility through deck railings if allowed by your local building codes, some have gone to anodized aluminum tubing. For instance, a black vertical tube, .750 inches O.D., set 6 inches apart, provides a lot less obstruction than a 2 x 2 wood rail.

Hope that helps.

manhattan42 08-12-2006 11:48 PM


I know it is not code but can anyone assist?
If you know it's not code, why pursue this questionable practice?

Guardrails on decks are there to provide protection from falls.

Your current deck does not conform to most codes which require all platforms to be at least 36" wide in all directions.

Your best option is to use a vertical deck rail after extending the width of your deck to more than 36" ....

powrus 08-13-2006 04:41 AM

Manhattan42 -

Earlier you posted the following:

" I know it is not code but can anyone assist?"

Whose quote is this?

Joe Carola 08-13-2006 06:26 AM


Originally Posted by powrus
Manhattan42 -

Earlier you posted the following:

" I know it is not code but can anyone assist?"

Whose quote is this?

It's Jay1's quote in the last sentence of his post. Read it. He's looking for advice on doing something that's not code.

Buzzbob 09-08-2006 08:57 PM

Switching gears just a bit, I'm interested in vinyl railings with glass inserts. Have not found them anywhere. I know Dekorators sells the glass inserts 5 pcs for 60 bucks but how do I find a vinyl rail that will accept the glass? All the vinyl railings at HD & Lowes are pre-drilled for the vinyl inserts. Ideas?

Darylh 09-09-2006 01:37 PM

Slanted railings where use alot up here in the 70's, what they do is give you more elbo room and a sence of more space. You can also build in seat benches to but I am not sure if this kind of railing is allowed anymore..Check with your Building Department.
Now no matter what railings you use you must not have more than a 4 inch space and the railings have to be at least 42 inches high at least up here. Now your insurance company follows your building codes so if you build railings that are not to code and someone falls or hurts them self or worse your insurance will not cover you and thats one of the reasons why its so important to follow the codes in you area.
Aluminum rails are a great way to get more veiw, but I would go with aluminum and glass myself.

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