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Thats the best way to go......Building inspectors want to see girders/beams on top of posts and walls not bolted to the side of them. I just built a awning over my propain tanks and that's the same bracket I used.

Originally Posted by mf01 View Post
I'll use these and put the beams on top of the posts:

The posts will be cut to about 3-4 inches off the ground.


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Here's a curious little detail on joist hanger nails. If you go to the typical big box store, they sell Simpson or equivalent joist hangers, and there is typically a big box of hot dip galvanized nails sitting on the shelf next to the hangers. These nails are typically labeled "Joist Hanger Nails". So you might think they were for hanging joists, right? That would be incorrect.

Simpson brackets, and their competitors, typically use 10d hot dipped galvanized nails for the diagonal nails in each bracket, which is typically half the nails that go into the brackets. These nails are intended to be 3 inches long (that is the standard length of a 10d nail). The joist hanger nails in the bucket are 1-1/2 inches long, and are ONLY intended for use for the non-diagonal nails in the hanger, i.e. the ones that are perpendicular to the face of the 1-1/2 inch thick joist typically used. You can tell these nails because they are cleverly stamped with a 10 on top of the nail, which confuses a lot of people (inspectors too) into thinking these are 10d nails. What they are is a 10d diameter nail, deliberately shortened so they don't penetrate through the opposite face of the joist. So you actually need two kinds of nails to hang the average joist. Check the catalogs for the brackets in the fine print to see exactly where to use each type of nail, but typically the diagonals are the standard length.
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Originally Posted by mf01 View Post
While we're on the topic, how should I attach the side frame (joist) to the ledger? I plan to use joist hangers for the middle joists, but the deck designer shows nails for the side joists/frame.
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A picture of what Daniel is talking about--- if so kind....

Read the footnotes below the charts for nail coating compatibility and use.

ps- the 2006 IRC is the Deck Code (updated to 2009) sited by kwikfishron earlier.

If any ads are present below my answer or words underlined/colored, I do not condone/support/use the product or services listed/linked to, they are there without my consent.
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10d, is the diameter.. that 10d indicates that its actually a hanger nail and not a common nail or spike.. ive torn apart decks which had roofing nails used for the hanger nail..

hanger nails are hardenend.. roofing nails dont have the shear strenght or a head strong enough for structural purposes,


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