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davis_mc 04-18-2010 07:23 PM

Deck Guard posts on top of deck posts -how?
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Looking through some of the posts I saw some quality information and I believe you all might be able to have some answer for this.

I have a friend whos deck needs some repair work (detoriating wood) but the deck posts (pillars) look strong and are concreted in the ground pretty well.

One of the things I was not too about is he has the a 4X4 post and 2 2X8 beams. But the posts have a 2 in notch and one of the 2 2X8 beams is in the notch and the other part of the beam is connected to the first that is notched.

My thought was to cut right where the 2 inch notch of the post was. Then put the beam ON TOP and not notched of the 4x4 post. Put the decking on top of that beam as well.

But in doing that (the attached jpg file might give a cleared picture). How can I put a 4X4 deck post on top of that decking when I have a post-beam and post directly under it as well? I can't think of how to box the post in.

Attachment 19721

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


davis_mc 04-18-2010 07:42 PM

Forgot to complete mention on the one that shows EXISTING the 4x4 post goes back to the 4X4 after the notch and then continues But for the "changed" it will not and thats the main part of the question is how to put a 4X4 deck post securely on top of the decking as one can see that it cannot really be blocked in. (My attempt at a depiction may not be clear.)

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