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rtrg 06-24-2012 12:29 PM

cordless tools
Please move as needed. I will try to keep this short. When the battery pack in any cordless tool dies the replacements are ridiculously expensive. I found a very cheap alternative for my RYOBI drill. R uses either NICAD or NIMH or lithium both large and compact. In my case 1300 ma NICADs were in play. I went to my local HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS and bought 2 packs. An 18 volt slide pack, and a 19,2 necked pack. The 18 is a DRILL MASTER, the 19 a CHICAGO ELECTRIC. RED and BLACK. The RED is fitted with 15 cells in series in 3 rows of five. The screw stand off in the ROUND end of the RYOBI BOX MUST be removed down to the floor. The pack now fits into the box perfectly. Simply cut the +/- wires at the NECK and connect them to the attached +/- from the replacement pack. The temp sensor and any protection is not used. Replace the now 5 screws and then charge the battery using an INTELLIGENT quick charger. The NECK will require a hollow neck ( maybe from a dead tool?) to make contact with the charger. The temp sensor is taped to the body. Works perfectly.

For the 19 simply solder a RCA type jack to the neck. Then using another dead battery or a pack that is already empty, solder the same jack to the neck wires and glue it to the body. A simple audio patch cord makes the connection between pack and adapter. Neat. For charging make a wire adapter for the alligator clips and another jack. Now the charger replaces the adapter and the SPARE pack can be used and reused.

The packs are $15 and $20. A lot cheaper than any replacement pack I have ever found.

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