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dphardy 10-09-2007 09:32 PM

Concern about beadboard weight
My husband and I want to install 1" X 4" T&G beaded carsiding on the ceiling of our detached garage which seems to be a very solid structure and was built in the 1890's. We have taken off the garage doors and spanned a large header system across the front that anchors the side walls. There is a loft that has boards that rest on the top plate on three sides of the garage and nail into the rafters. We are putting V-groove carsiding on the walls which we are hoping will also add to the stability of the building. We removed the rotted shakes from the roof but left the board sheathing. We then put 1/2" plywood sheathing over the board sheathing and applied shingles. Our question is: Should we be concerned with the weight of the beadboard carsiding that we want to put on the ceiling? We certainly don't want the weight to splay the walls and have everything come crashing down. Everything "appears" tied together but we can't tell how much weight the building can withstand. Thanks!

jscholl411 10-11-2007 12:04 PM

If you feel unsure in any way, my suggestion is to call a structural engineer or even call the town inspector.

redline 10-11-2007 01:32 PM

What is the size of the rafters (ceiling) that the beadboard will be nailed to? (2 x 6, 2 x 8, 2 x 10...)

How far are they spaced apart?

What is the length of the rafters?

dphardy 10-11-2007 03:55 PM

Thank you jscholl411 and redline for your replies. We live in the country where there are no codes so there are no inspectors to offer advice. The rafters vary in size every other one. They are spaced 2' apart with a 2"X6" then a 2"X4". It is old lumber so it is a full 4 or 6 inches wide. The rafters are about 14' long from peak to edge on one side measured to the overhang. The walls that will carry the weight have old lumber 2"X4" studs every 4 ft with diagonal bracing in between. The foundation is cement but we don't know how deep in the ground it goes. We're figuring the weight of the beadboard will be right at a ton. We also live in an area where we can get routine 12" snow storms. The more we think about this, the more worried we are getting. We saw some 3/8" knotty pine beadboard wallcovering at the home center and we are wondering if we shouldn't go that route. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

jscholl411 10-12-2007 02:44 PM

Maybe adding more 2x4 at every 24" or 16" to add more stability to the wall? With the ability to get 12" of snow and adding beadboard, or other siding the is alot of weight. Sounds like you might need to strenghten up the walls and rafters.. I would still try to get someone to look at it. A professional contractor, architect, engineer would be able to look at it an tell you exactly what needs to be done. Good luck sorry I could not be more help........

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