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leted_82 04-11-2007 05:25 PM

Ceiling Nailers
I know I asked about ceiling nailers before, but I have another questions based on the last one. Since I do need to have ceiling nailers, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with 'Prest-On Framer Backs' ( or 'The Nailer' ( Are they worth using and do they work well? If not, any ideas or pictures on how to properly put in ceiling nailers where I don't have any now.

If I am installing the drywall on the ceiling along the edge where the joists meet the wall, I can just attach the drywall to the joists (so every 16 inches)? Or do I need additional blocking between the joists. The way I'm thinking, the nailers are just for the areas where the joist runs parallel to the wall, but not at the edge (so there is nothing to attach the edge of the drywall to). Does that sound right? Thank you very much for all the help. I have read alot of very helpful things on this site, making my project much easier!

Big Dave 04-11-2007 06:50 PM

I have used the ones that you linked to first and love them in the right situation. If the framers forgot the nailers and it's impossible to get them in then they work great. Another situation where they work rather well is when the wall is not exactly flat along the top. You can chalk a line and move the ends of the sheetrock up and down to keep it straight for a nice straight crisp line where the ceiling meet the wall.

You do not need anything between the joist to support the sheetrock but only along that wall that runs parallel to the ceiling joist.

Brik 04-13-2007 09:26 AM

To me they look like a solution looking for a problem. I can see the point if you are exclusively a drywaller subcontractor and get to a job where some blocking is missing and there are no carpenters availible and you need to move forward. If you are doing all yourself then its no big deal to pause your hanging to install some blocking.
When I did my basement I subbed the drywall out. When the estimator came he was also looking for missing blocking and pointed it out. (I wasn't quite ready for drywall at that moment). When the hanging crew showed up the boss walked around with me to confirm 'rock' and 'no rock' details. For example, one doorway was to have bifolds with a rocked jamb. Other door jambs required 'no rock' because of pre-hung doors.

I was on site during the hanging. The drywallers asked me for one more piece of blocking because they wanted to go a full sheet on one location and it didn't end at a good spot. I grabbed the nailer, cut the blocking, and in a few minutes I had the framing installed and the hangers continued.

If I wasn't onsite the drywallers would have maybe used something like what you linked to. More than likely they would have just grabbed a piece of scrap lumber from the trash and nailed it in place with some drywall nails.

My points are thus.
1) Make sure you have all blocking in before you drywall
2) If you sub out the drywall make sure whoever does the framing is available to add blocking if necessary.
3) Don't let a dedicated drywall hanging crew do carpentry work.
4) If you are doing both these tasks yourself, save the money and just use traditional blocking.

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