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barcoo 07-19-2006 07:14 AM

cannot make cabinets flush with wall

Just bought my first home and am trying to put up some melamine cabinets into a plasterwall and a stud. I purchased standard wood screws long enough to do the job and thought it would be an easy job to drill them into place.

However whenever screw them in place the cabinet comes away from the wall. As i continue to screw in the screw begins to push through the melamine but doesnt bring cabinet any closer to the wall. With some screws i cannot push them in further and am stripping the head of the screw.

I was thinking that pre drilling the hole would work and that perhaps the stud i was drilling into was too hard, but even pre drilling it didnt work... unless i didnt use a large enough drill bit (i used one a couple of sizes smaller than the screw).

Am i on the right track with pre drilling? Should i use something else other than wood screws straight into the melamine/plasterwall?

Any advice for a newbie? :)



MinConst 07-19-2006 10:10 AM

When you pre drill the holes, as you should. Choose a bit that matches the shaft size of the screw (smaller than the thread size). Drill into the stud through the cabinet. Then drill a larger hole through the cabinet with a larger bit that will allow the screw to spin freely thought the cabinet. This will stop the cab from coming off the wall and will allow the screw to act as a clamp.
If your walls are plumb and flat there should not be a problem. If the walls are not flat you will need to shim the cab to lay against the wall.
Also you should be using cabinet screws that have a built in washer on them Not standard wood screws. The washer stops the screw from driving into the cabinet. Also gives a more finished look. Be sure you are hitting a stud and not just the lath.

barcoo 07-20-2006 05:28 PM


Thanks for the advice - it worked a treat and the cabinets are now flush and holding firm. :thumbsup:


MinConst 07-20-2006 10:58 PM

Glad I could help.

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