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I understand 9-11, just got off phone with one of my nephews, FDNY, couldn't get hold of him for several days when he was a rookie and I was really worried about him. He's fine, so far hasn't had any physical problems. He didn't mention any thing about a regatta today.
Gee ,that's really swell about the yacht and all, you should put that in your profile so folks will know how smart and funny you are. The profile page is there so us poor stupid cramudgeons can look up a strangers posts, and analyze the "where's, what for's & so be it's" to see if the post we're lookin' at is an anomaly, or the poster shows the same attitude and knowledge elsewhere. So far I haven't felt the need to compensate for the size of my “putt putt” with a big boat or fancy sports car. That's a funny name for it, and I don't use it all that much in the garage. Have used it in some pretty strange whereevers back when I was young.
And payin' cash for fuel too. Guess yall do things different up there. Most the rich folk I've been around use credit cards or at least a check, especially if entertaining clients on their yachts or ranches so the CPA can have a record for expenses and taxes. Maybe they aren't very smart or funny, but then how many truly rich people have I been in contact with, or know how they pay for stuff? Just knockin' together high end cabinets and furniture and such in Dallas and Houston and around.
No, I don't know " What's the longest continueous single line on a ship?" Haven't ever had the need to. Just gessin', I'd guess the water line, but I dunno. Do you know how to tell the difference between a Brown Water Snake and a Water Moccasin, when its swimming? Neither one is important here, Knowing either one, or any thing else, doesn't prove how smart a person is, just somethin' one knows or doesn't know. Though knowin' one could save a life, knowin' the other could be used to impress chicks, I guess. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever seen a continueous single line of any length on any thing. Is that something nautical that only smart, funny, rich people know about?
I don't need an adjustable 5/8" adjustable wrench, I've gone metric, my Crescent wrench and Channel Locks are all metric, even my board stretcher is marked in metric increments, and I poured all my snew into half liter cans.
“... ban me again for having a sense of humor.” Not to worry, I don't think that will be the reason, its sort of like some of those mystery shows on the TV where some body says, “If there is no evidence, there is no crime.”
Well,you have a nice time, in that fully fueled Hatorass. That reminds me, wear that yachting cap at a jaunty angle so folks will know how smart and funny you are. Might have to toot the horn to attract their attention, some of them are just going to be standing around looking down at their feet, instead of the impressive boats going by. If you wait a while there might be a period where every one gets real quiet for a spell, that'd be a good time to let them know that you did show up after all. They've all been so patiently waiting and hoping you would. If you see my nephew wave, he'll be with a bunch of other people in blue uniforms and hats sort of like yours, they earned the right to wear them. That's about all they earn considering the pay, not many yacht owners amongst them . He'll probably wave back, when he was a kid he wanted to be a Pirate or a fireman or a wealthy contractor. He figured he'd choose the respectable career, since theres not much call for pirates any more. But he still likes boats.
Wait a sec. I almost missed it, “...ban me again ?”

Hey, creeper, how ya doin? Heard from dennis, wonder how his platform is commin along? i really should apologize to him, and everyone else almost, but Idid give two opinons based on my experience and knowledge, but as we've been told I don't got much and what i do have aint worth a tinker's dam. So, dennis, don't do nothin I said. " irony" what's that? Knew a feller with a wooden leg once, wouldn't know a iron knee if I created it myself, that would be ironic wouldn't it? Its gettin to be like some one sailing off to sea or walking into a feed lot, the farther he goes the deeper it gets till it goes right over his head. I'd put some of them funny laughin faces here, but bein all cramudgeony and humorless, I didn't the jokes.



Measure twice, cut once.
Look at the nail, not the hammer. Watch the fence, not the blade.
If you hook your thumb over your belt you won't hit it with the hammer or leave it layin on the saw table.

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