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Mcubed 02-25-2010 10:39 PM

Cabinetry face out of wood flooring? Possible? Crazy?
I'm pondering building a vanity for a bathroom remodel -

It will be a floating vanity, 5' long, about 2' tall, elevated 9" off the ground - chocolate brown. There would be two 22" sections at the ends with small sinks, drawers in the middle. There's a wall on one end - the other is exposed. We're going down to studs, so we have the flexibility to make sure that the corner the vanity is in is as plumb and square as possible.

The room will have a 9" accent strip - wood most of the way, mosaic tile in the shower area. For longevity, this will probably need to be sold wood (the top edge will be exposed as well).

I'm comfortable with the main box construction and supporting the vanity - a nailer at the top and and a ledger at the bottom. It would likely be out of 1/2" plywood.

However, in keeping with the linear horizontal feel of the design, I'm intrigued by the idea of joining together smaller pieces of wood running horizontally into an approximately 2x7 slab, and cutting that down into slabs for the cabinet and drawer faces and the exposed end. The remaining exposed areas would be typical face frame construction. The interior would be a lower grade finished ply stained dark.

Initially, I thought of doing it with rectangular pieces joined with bicuits.

However, after seeing some great deals on beautiful solid hardwood flooring, I'm wondering if it would be possible to glue tongue and groove flooring planks into a glulam like slab.

If not...would it be possible with supplemental dowels or some other attachment from the back?

Even if it's possible, is this a terrible idea? Am I asking for problems with hinges and the grain running horizontally in a damp space (expansion and contraction)?

william duffer 02-26-2010 10:15 PM

Is the flooring already stained and sealed? It is possible but I would cut the tongue and groove off and square the edges. You can than edge glue them together. If it is built well and sealed well I really wouldn't worry to much about Expansion and Contraction.

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