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Rug_Cleaner 09-27-2012 12:40 AM

Building a drying rack that can support 6-8 rugs
I want to build a rack to hang wet rugs from. Ideally 6-8 rugs, the largest being 10x14 and if they are wet wool rugs of a high quality, they could weigh as much as 500 lbs each. They will be hung on 2x4's that will have 4" pvc sleeves to minimize creases. The will be fastened to eye bolts and ropes and pulleys. The side supports will be 8' tall and 8' deep. I will marry up two 2x4's for these. The beams holding the sides will be 2x4's top and bottom to prevent sides from spreading apart under the weight.
Here is a drawing to give you an idea of what I'm thinking. Thanks for your help in refining this into something safe.

mae-ling 09-27-2012 10:30 AM

How is an 8' board (less between the hooks) going to work with a 12 or 14' rug? Thinking they need to be 16' not 8'.
I have read that an 8' 2x4 can support 200lbs, 16' would be much much less.

notmrjohn 09-27-2012 10:33 AM

8x500=4000 2 tons. 1 ton on each 4x4 8' span. 500 lbs on 12' span 2x4. T'ain't gonna work. In addition to weight, is going to be lots of movement in raising wet rug.

Everything needs to be beefed way up. Bracing needs to be crossed diagonally corner to corner, as well as spreaders ( actually anti-spreaders). Suggest angled uprights, rack wider at bottom. Center support under top beams. Bolted construction, with metal ties.

Can one end be tied into a wall? If so, describe wall construction. Load weights of ropes and pulleys?
PVC rollers good idea, but gonna be big pipes, maybe consider sliders instead of roller. PVC cut to just fit over top of hanging beams.

Consult online beam, span and load charts. See what you need to support 500 lbs with 12' span, support 1 ton with 8' span. what size beam to support it all at that height. (6x6 at least)
All this off top of my head. I could be all wet, needing to be hung out to dry.

hand drive 09-28-2012 07:48 AM

instead of 2x4 you might need 2x8 or 2x10 to go that far of a span across. You could cut the 4" pvc pipe in half and screw each half down from above onto the top of the chosen 2x and this would provide the radius for the rug to fold over and not wrinkle

SeniorSitizen 09-28-2012 08:11 AM

Put the tranny in reverse, back up a little and come back asking this group about rolling them into a roll and placing in a vacuum tube to pump the water out. Scientific minds like a challenge. :thumbup:

notmrjohn 09-28-2012 10:49 AM

Aside from fact that you want to dry rugs hanging or flat, so as not to set a curl in them. ( A rack twice as high would be more desirable than the half fold we got now, but 16' would have to be even stronger if there is even room) discounting weight of rug, there is at least 500 gallons of water to remove from 8 rugs. That's gonna take a heck of a pump to do job in reasonable time. Plus tank to hold removed water, or automatic valve to drain water from smaller tank. And I doubt it would remove all water from inner layers, possibly a hollow core with holes in walls? And you still gotta support roll so no flattening, and gotta insert a 500lb roll into tube. Economics involved in equipment should be considered. May not be much faster or cheaper than laying rug out and heating/vacuuming. And I am neither economist, scientician, nor possessor of mind.

Speakin of 'tranny" motorized lifts would sure be less back breaking, At least use multi pulley ( block and tackle) instead of single pulleys.

Luckily single 2x' fit inside standard PVC, barely. Bigger 2X means bigger pipe, less creasing. Sistered hangers mean wider split slider on top, spread bottoms of rugs to prevent contact with wood, speed drying.

Am now mulling in non-economical, non-scientific, non-mind; stacked flat racks. Number of roller/ sliders needed and method of required construction would in itself strengthen and stiffen rack. Could use smaller 2X's, economical trade off , may equal out. Take up lots of floor space. higher rugs drip onto lower.

Awaiting more info, data from creative Rug Cleaner. You're on right track, Rug, don't sweep this idea under carpet, you are just entering launching pad, don't take nap now, don't let pile of problems discourage you. Don't let my shaggy dog type ramblings keep you from posting your ideas, thoughts, answers to our questions and questions of your own. We will wrack our brains to solve this.

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