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ChrisDIY 08-23-2010 06:24 PM

Build my own kitchen dining table

I would like to build my own kitchen dining table. I would like to use Consentino Eco as the surface material. The table would be round most likely 48" in diameter. I am thinking anything else will start to get to heavy, if this isn't already. I have found a web site that sells leg kits. They come in round and for square tables. The square leg kits look far stronger than the round kit. They can make custom kits, which will suffice for me since I do not have the tools to make my own. Legs will be painted white so wood species doesn't have to be anything but strong!

Once I have built the base I will take it to the kitchen counter store and have top fabricated. I would have them install some sort of attachment points on base that I can screw to surface underneath. Have the top delivered and screw to base in kitchen.
  1. For a square base for a round table what would the dimensions be?
  2. Has anyone done this before?
  3. Anything special should be taken in consideration with this plan?

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