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BlueBSH 10-08-2010 09:11 AM

box around window in basement
well this might sound like an odd question... but I'm redoin my basement, and the old suspended ceiling the installers put the wall molding right over the basement window so you can't open it! (thats the old design, im trying to redo this now)

the windows are 20" high and 40" long and they are as far up to the rim joist as they can do, littearly the top of the window touches the houses sill plate... so when you have a suspended ceiling that is 5" below that you have a problem because the windows open vertically... the top of the window opens downwards... which means if you put a ceiling infront of it you cant open it as it would hit the grid ceiling....

well my solution was to build a box around it so it had clearance to open then build the grid out around that box... but not exactly sure how to build it... the floor joists are perpendicular to the window and I need to build out about 10 inches I think for the swing of the window to swing down without hiting anything... my questions are the following

1) any code requirements here?

2) how to hold the "box" in place? I assume it should attach to the joists somehow, but what is the best way

3) any ideas or pictures of this being done that you know of? i'm looking for ideas and inspiration here thanks!

epson 10-08-2010 09:56 AM

You can do this by building a three sided valance around your window. You can use 1/4" plywood for the top and 1 x 6 pine for the three sides. Be sure you build the valance wide enough to allow the window to open. Attach the top of the valance to the bottom of the ceiling joist and install the drop ceiling molding for your panels to match your existing height and level. With this method if desired you can also attach curtain rods to the inside of the valance if needed.

12penny 10-08-2010 12:11 PM

Dont know if it applies, but my basement windows can be changed to open either way. Theres hinge parts top and bottom. Take the window out of the bottom hinge turn it over and place it in the top hinge.

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