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thunderhead 05-20-2011 02:09 PM

Bi fold closet doors
I guess I am going to replace all my closet doors with bi fold doors. When I measured the openings today I found they vary from 46 1/2 to 48" wide. My question is: Is a 48" bi fold door 48" wide or is that the rough opening size? I would hate to have to take 1/2 or so off each door. Any other ideas if they don't fit? TIA

Willie T 05-20-2011 02:26 PM

Look on the side of the box at the store. It should have all the information you need.

Tizzer 05-20-2011 03:03 PM

4 foot bi-folds are right at 48", and are usually 4 panels. When searching around online, the specs. will show actual door size & rough opening size.
I didn't see any 4ft. ones at Lowes but did find these. Didn't see any wooden ones.

If these 46" doors are not under a load bearing wall, you could rip out a jack stud to give you 48" if you don't wanna cut doors.

TheDoorGuy 05-21-2011 07:47 AM

Hi Thunder,
The door openings that you have are sized for sliding (bypass) doors.
They are less than 48" so that they will over lap in the center.

The standard size bifold doors that you are considering actually measure about 47 1/4"
when you set them up side by side. They are designed to fit into a 48" finished opening.

You can take the unit apart and plane the doors down evenly but you may have to plug and redrill
the pivot holes if you can't adjust the brackets to move doors closer to the wall side.

The other option, as Tizzer said, is to reframe the rough opening to accept a new finished opening that
is the right side. A bit of a project but doable. You would want to make sure that the header is supported.
Then you would need to make up a jambset that is the correct finish opening size.

I guess the moral of the story is: Trimming bifolds for height is easy...Trimming for width...Not so much!

Good luck with the project!

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