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chadurban 10-01-2009 10:37 AM

Basement Vinyl Windows - replace or not, thats the question!
Hey all, recentlly moved into our 2006/07 build house here in Manitoba Canada and noticed an issue with the basement windows. We are the 2nd owners and don't know who the original house builder was so can't really have them look into the matter.

Now to start, the current windows are pretty cheap looking- Jeld-Wen dual pane, gas filled (they still have them for $129 each at Home Depot). They are the type where the window opens up and inside and unhooks at the top to be removed. No crank outs or anything, just a little steel latch that holds them shut.

The issue I noticed was the window and attached frame don't line up perfectly in places, some have corners that are sticking out and away from the frame as well as slight gaps here and there between the frame and front window seal. I had the Jeld-Wen guy out here to see if it was an installation issue or a window warranty issue, and of course he said it was all due to a poor install. I agree somewhat with his assessement, though the windows look to be made pretty crappy so I would say its a bit of both. Either way doesn't look like warranty will cover anything.

My dilema is, should I remove these windows and then try and reinstall properly and shim them where needed to eliminate any gaps and uneveness (between the frame and window), or am I wasting my time as these are already warped and crappy and should just replace them? Just wondering what everyone's thoughts on this are? I really want to do whats best for the long run, as the basement will be used quite a bit once its finished.

Also, these windows are attached by screws through an outside flange (new construction windows I think?) and the exterior walls will have a stucco finish. Currently it is just the scratch coat (waiting to solve this window issue before the guys do the final stucco coat). Just wondering if this is the best type to use if I get new ones, or should I go with replacements that are installed inside the actual window opening?

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