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Setzer1994 07-02-2012 10:43 AM

Basement Shelving - Booze and Electronics
Hi all,

Finally got the last of my basement remodel framing done and wanted to button up two issues before I have the drywallers come later in the week. How much reinforcement do I need for the following two items:

Area 1 - Behind my bar. I'm planning on some shelves here - bottom will be wood to hide the tops of my wine and beer fridges, as well as to hold my glassware. Above will be 2x glass shelves for all the booze (as well as cement board and tile behind the shelves). Framing is 2x4s. Should I cut and screw some cross-pieces to reinforce here? Are more 2x4s sufficient for the load I'm talking about? The shelf span will be about 60", and deep enough for 2 bottles (12" - 16").

Area 2 - Underneath the stairs. I'm planning on putting my electronics into some custom shelves built into the space below the stairs. Framing here is 2x3s (leftover - didn't want to touch it). I'm thinking that I could just attach some legs to the backside of the shelving to call it a day, and that might be the easiest solution. Should I add any additional bracing? Max load will probably be <100 lbs, just a receiver, cable box and DVD player.

woody4249 07-08-2012 12:52 PM

I would recommend 2x4's horizontally between studs at the level of each counter top and shelf.

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