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bubbler 08-13-2011 12:36 PM

base moulding identification
I'm hoping that someone can give me advice on matching up base moulding in my house.

It's going to be painted, so I can get away with cheating with glues/filler, etc... and it doesn't need to be perfect, just close enough that the average person wouldn't notice from standing distance. I don't intend to try to mate any of the new to the old, though new + old will exist in the same room, hence why I like to try to match it up as best I can.

I'm replacing approx. 150-200' of the stuff in my house that was destroyed by some water leaking and removal when replacing hardwood floors. I thought about pulling everything from the house to go all new, but it would be a huge amount of work, and we like the way this stuff looks.

It's 2 pieces--

The bottom piece appears to be simple to handle. It's just a a 1x4 or 1x5 (it was put in BEFORE the hardwood, so it actually extends down about 3/4", my measurement is based on applying on top of hardwood). I might need to rip it down a bit if std pieces don't quite fit.

The top piece is where I need the advice. I've look around a bit and have been unable to find anything similar on the shelf so I'm now looking into my options:

The top _almost_ looks like it's a piece of 1/4" thick strip glued to some thin shoe moulding, but not quite... I think this would be the cheapest option but I'm thinking that gluing and clamping 150+ feet of this stuff would be a real PITA

I was thinking that with a bench top router I might be able to cut something down to look approx. like the top piece. I have no router, no experience with one... so it would be an excuse to buy a new toy and learn something...

My local lumber yard will cut custom moulding, I believe they have a $60 setup fee, plus the cost of lumber which is cut, so I have a double option here, one is to cut just the top piece and the other would be to have them cut a single board (1x6) to create a single piece moulding

I'm leaning toward #3 with a 1x6 because it will end up being the easiest to install and the least work for me. It would be the most expensive though I think...

Looking for any advice, thanks :)

PS, the measurements are rounded to nearest fraction... and that 3-1/4" should actually be 3-3/4" below, I mixed it up when putting into MS Paint... also there is a slight lip between the top and bottom pieces, about 1/8"...

bubbler 08-13-2011 12:44 PM

...oh and the other purpose for posting... if this IS something common, and I'm just not finding it, I was hoping people might have some advice on where to look or what the name for this cut would be.

(No, I haven't take the very basic step of actually going to the lumber yard yet... mostly because they are a M-F 9-5 place (only open 3 hrs on the weekend) and I haven't been able to get there yet, so I've just looked at the two big box stores)

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