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evdie4 07-16-2012 05:45 AM

Attaching a Slatted Partition Wall
I would like to add a small poplar partition in between my living room and kitchen. The wall does not span the width of the room. I will need to attach it to the ceiling and the floor which is laminate hardwood. Any ideas on how I should do this? Here is what i want it to look like below.


woody4249 07-17-2012 12:07 PM

I would use aluminum square tube framing system like the ones supplied by Outwater plastics
Go to and search aluminum framing system
click on

This is a 1" square tube and you can also get the corner connectors for fast and easy assembly. Use at least three vertical posts so as to keep your slats straight.
Consider using a maple plywood and then edgebanding the edges with matching wood tape. Unless you use well seasoned lumber, the slats will tend to bow

Assemble the frame from floor to ceiling and attach the slats with a coach bolt and an acorn nut on the back.
If you don't want to fix this structure permanently, you can use a corner connector that has a thread for a adjustable leveler. Cut the aluminum frame a little shorter and install the levelers. Unscrew the levelers until the frame lifts and expands to the opening between floor and ceiling. Use rubber pads so that there is no chance of it falling or moving if pushed against.
We would use this method as store fixtures in clothing shops.


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