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DanBress 09-10-2008 10:17 AM

Attaching a backsplash to wall/countertop
I am installing a butcher block countertop, which came with a wooden backsplash

the countertop is 25" deep, and 1.5" thick.

the backsplash is 4" tall and 3/4" thick.

How would you secure the backsplash in place?

One option is to screw through the bottom of the counter into the backsplash, but I was told to leave 1/8" gap between the counter and the wall, which would mean the backsplash would hang off the back of the counter by 1/8" inch in order to make it sit flush against the wall. Is this gonna present any problems when I screw it together?

I could just the backsplash to the wall, but I am not wild about that idea either.

Anyone have any other ideas?

Termite 09-10-2008 11:49 AM

I don't think I'd screw it. Although it is a very stable material, the countertop will expand and contract somewhat with changes in the home's climate. Rigidly screwing the backsplash won't allow for expansion or contraction of either piece.

Personally, I'd use 100% silicone adhesive and attach it to the wall.

Big Bob 09-10-2008 06:02 PM

Forget the advised above.. ask the screw advisor to visit the forum... adhesive...adhesive caulking...liquid nail.. pick a color to blend if you can..

set your top...a little lean forward is ok...( where do you want the water to go...)
cut and dry fit back splash.
So.. the walls are not perfect...Hmmm.. or if they are close enough.....

mark front bottom edge to counter and top edge to wall of back splash lightly with pencil.. apply color matched adhesive caulk..(phenoseal *tm* or equal to CT and wall behind the line.. don't be shy... and just under your pencil mark.

With clamps and precut wood scraps...and or notched braces from upper cabinets....... set your back splash in place........ let it dry.. remove braces...detail the adhesive caulk...

less can be more or not enough... Good luck..and have fun and pride knowin you did it yourself.

Termite 09-10-2008 08:09 PM

Dan, it is worth mentioning in case you didn't know...

Treat the butcher block countertop with nothing other than mineral oil if it will be something you actually cut food on. Vegetable oil will go rancid. There are a lot of butcher block finishes marketed, but most are mineral oil based. If it is just for looks and you won't be using it on a cutting board you can use something else.

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