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hkeiner 04-23-2013 02:07 PM

Any tips or cautions with urethane stair brackets
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I plan to use urethane stair brackets during my installation of new retro treads and risers (see example pic of what I am going for). The risers will be made of 3/4" solid poplar and my plan is to miter (cut at 45 degrees) the front edge of the urethane stair bracket to the mitered edge of the 3/4" riser boards. Before I buy these brackets online (they are not cheap) I thought I would ask the following:

- Has anyone installed urethane stair brackets before and later regretted doing so for any reason?

- Will there be any problem with mitering these dissimilar materials causing the miter joints to open up over time, due to different expansion/contraction properties of these materials?

- What is the best way to attach the mitered ends together? e.g., wood glue, PL400, 23g pin nailer, etc.

Any other thoughts or opinions on the use of urethane stair brqackets is also appreciated.

BigJim 04-23-2013 06:38 PM

I haven't used that type of stair bracket before so I really can't say for sure, if they are made like some of the very large ceiling mold there will be a specific type of glue to use with them.

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