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Andiy 05-01-2013 01:21 PM

Another question for the gurus of wood! Can I save this door?
My bathroom project is about 98% complete. The original door is damaged, poorly repaired, and is warped. I guess after 100 or so years in an unventilated, high moisture environment, that can happen. I can't use it. Anyway, I happen to have a door of the same construction and size that I saved from a kitchen rehab project. It was the door to a pantry that I have eliminated. Of course, the door was painted about 20 times it seems :furious: and required some stripping.

A few days later, I find myself with an old birch skinned door in mostly good condition. I say mostly, as one side of the door was apparently stained mahogany and has soaked in some red coloring, quite deep in some cases. Even after sanding, I'm getting this:

For some reason it is especially bad right in the center piece:

I'm afraid to keep sanding, as I'm eventually going to run out of wood. Or patience. Any ideas? I'd rather not stain with a mahogany stain again, as nothing else in the rehab area (bathroom and hallway) is that color. It is primarily "golden pecan" oak, which believe it or not matches the other original doors pretty well.

As always, your suggestions are very welcome, thanks.

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