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daustin555 04-29-2006 04:33 PM

another door problem
:confused: i just purchased a mobile home. the floors have been remodeled, but they were built to high. it didnt have a door (entry) on it, when i did put one on, i discovered that the door drags pretty bad. considering that the door is plumb, how can i fix this problem? thanx be to anyone who can help.

Darylh 04-29-2006 10:34 PM

If I got this right you have installed a entry door
with a cill and the door is so tight that its rubbing
on the cill. If thats right you have a couple of
options. 1-you will have to shave the bottom of the door.
2- The other thing you can do is try to lift the whole unit
up so its not so tight. Myself I would take the door off
and just shave it.

nailbanger138 05-02-2006 11:30 PM

Typically the bottom of newer exterior door has an adjustable sweep ( the rubber part on the bottom).

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